31 March 2010

Web Design Screen Resolution

A year ago I wrote about screen resolutions for website design. Back then, 7% of internet users were using 800x600 pixel screen resolution. A year on, W3C School reports that the figure now stands at 1% and falling, and that the vast majority of users have screen resolutions of 1024 pixels or wider. The latest iteration of my watercolour paintings website will take this into account. A fixed three column format of around 980 pixels will be used rather than 780 px.

13 March 2010

Google fails watercolour artists

Beware watercolour artists! As the artist and Webmaster for my watercolour paintings website, I have found an anomaly with the Google search engine for people searching for ‘watercolour paintings’. Here is the problem. If you type ‘watercolour paintings’ into Google the first page appears fine. However when you click on the second page, the searched words automatically change the US spelling of ‘watercolor’. Therefore, any websites that are spelled in English are now at a serious disadvantage in the Google ratings.