12 February 2010

Watercolour - Cool Giraffe

The water has dried on the second of my latest bright wildlife paintings. Here's the cool Giraffe which was fun to paint. The tricky part was to choose appropriate colours without being too garish. Anyway I think it works.

09 February 2010

Elephant in Watercolour

The brushes have been dry for too long ... too much time spent on web design and not enough on real art. But I suppose web design is an art in itself. I thought I would create something colourful and slightly unusual and take a step away from landscapes. Here's the latest creation that I have called Phant! basically because it is five eights of an elephant.

I am planning on painting in this style with various animals just to see where I end up. My next trick decision is what colours to use for painting a giraffe. May be a zebra to come and I guess a chameleon would be obvious.