16 April 2010

Minimal Landscape Paintings

On the re-designed watercolour paintings website, I have just uploaded some minimal landscape paintings. These cool little paintings vary from the colourful Tuscany scenes to darker paintings of Cumbria. Feel free to browse around and enjoy.

15 April 2010

Re-design of watercolour website

Following my comments below about screen resolution and I decided to redesign my watercolour paintings website. On the face of it there was not much to do, just tweak the css width and the job would be done. Not! Of course the redesign would also need to encompass Search Engine Optimization techniques. Also, changing the width of the website would change the look and offer more white space. Which led to the question .. fill it or not? In the end, the re-design used two brand new cascading style sheets. In this process the inspiration came from Matthew James Taylor and his 'holy grail' ideas. Matthew has a great website and offers great ideas about design and other web topics.

31 March 2010

Web Design Screen Resolution

A year ago I wrote about screen resolutions for website design. Back then, 7% of internet users were using 800x600 pixel screen resolution. A year on, W3C School reports that the figure now stands at 1% and falling, and that the vast majority of users have screen resolutions of 1024 pixels or wider. The latest iteration of my watercolour paintings website will take this into account. A fixed three column format of around 980 pixels will be used rather than 780 px.

13 March 2010

Google fails watercolour artists

Beware watercolour artists! As the artist and Webmaster for my watercolour paintings website, I have found an anomaly with the Google search engine for people searching for ‘watercolour paintings’. Here is the problem. If you type ‘watercolour paintings’ into Google the first page appears fine. However when you click on the second page, the searched words automatically change the US spelling of ‘watercolor’. Therefore, any websites that are spelled in English are now at a serious disadvantage in the Google ratings.

12 February 2010

Watercolour - Cool Giraffe

The water has dried on the second of my latest bright wildlife paintings. Here's the cool Giraffe which was fun to paint. The tricky part was to choose appropriate colours without being too garish. Anyway I think it works.

09 February 2010

Elephant in Watercolour

The brushes have been dry for too long ... too much time spent on web design and not enough on real art. But I suppose web design is an art in itself. I thought I would create something colourful and slightly unusual and take a step away from landscapes. Here's the latest creation that I have called Phant! basically because it is five eights of an elephant.

I am planning on painting in this style with various animals just to see where I end up. My next trick decision is what colours to use for painting a giraffe. May be a zebra to come and I guess a chameleon would be obvious.

17 August 2009

Commission a Watercolour Painting

If you are thinking of commissioning a watercolour painting, look no further than here. A fast and reliable service is offered and most subjects are considered. The key to a successful commission is good communications with the artist. Consider what you want in the painting and what size you want your watercolour painting to be then contact the artist. Pardon the pun but the artist will consider the 'art of the possible' and when all parties are content the brushes will go into action. The painting here is one such commission with two children playing on the beach.