08 June 2008

Watercolour Commissions

Just as the webdesign of the Art4Arts8 website was complete and the new look uploaded to the internet, a commission for a watercolour painting came in. The problem with commissions is that there is a lot of pressure on the artist. Unlike a painting that is done for the sheer pleasure of throwing coloured water at paper, a commission brings the added pressure of the subject matter looking right. In this case, the commission is for a painting of a church to be given as a wedding anniversary gift. The problem is that, the customer has been there and I have not! Instead I shall work from a digital photograph set as my desktop wallpaper and go from there. The other ever present issue with watercolour painting is that mistakes are very difficult to cover up, whereas with oil painting the paint can be scraped off and acrylics can be painted over. Wish me luck!

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