14 June 2008

Painting with Coffee

Purely by accident I dipped my paintbrush into my coffee as I was tinkering around with a watercolour painting. Needless to say that coffee colour was not the one I had intended to use but I was impressed with the rich colour it left behind on the paper. So much so, that a piece painted entirely coffee was to be my next project. The secret of painting with one medium and one colour is to add layer upon layer but only when the bottom layer is fully dry. A hairdryer can be used to speed up the process, or I leave the painting close to the radiator while you go off and make yourself another coffee. For this process, I guessed that black coffee would be the best because I unsure of the long term effect of milk would have on the 'painting'.
The background was built up of at least six layers of coffee and whilst drying for the last time, I wondered what to do next. Many years ago I practised calligraphy, so armed with brushes of different shapes and sizes I set to, writing the different coffee names on top of the background. The writing is fairly rich in tone because over ten layers were used for each font. Having left it to dry, I found some little known facts about coffe and wrote them on by hand. Cheers. Mine's a Latte.

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