15 June 2008

Watercolour Commission complete

I am proud to present the completed watercolour commission from the image provided in my previous post. A great challenge was this one and I must admit to refering to the 'how to paint buildings ' books. The trouble with buildings is the number of bricks you paint. Too many and it looks like something from play shool and too few is not representative of a building that is quite close, not to mention the focal point of the painting! You've guessed it, there has to be a balance. Then, there's the colour. A church painted drab grey will result in a drab painting. For trees and grass, there was a famous artist who once said, 'Any green, but not that green'. I must find out who it was. For those budding artists that happen to find this blog, note that the greens in the background are more blue and in the foreground, more yellow; cool colours at the back, warm colours at the front. For a tutorial, or lesson, in colour perspective, please click here, or here.

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